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Even today, when Richard Pryor’s lifelong friend does jokes about white people in his act, he pauses to watch while they gather up their handbags and call for their checks. “There they go,” Mooney tells his audience, “like scared little rabbits. They’ll get the fuck out of a place. White people can’t take it.

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The best stand-up comedians’ specials of all time. The best stand-up comedians’ specials of all time Though this one comes later in Richard Pryor’s career, he is as alive and in-charge

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richard pryor chinese people fuck quick George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937 — June 22, 2008) was an American comedian who made a permanent name for himself in the annals of comedy, mostly for making funny all the things that usually make people go Dude, Not Funny!. After a failed stint in the U.S. Air Force and a brief time in radio and news he mostly became a lifelong comedian, initially partnering up with writer/comedian

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richard pryor chinese people fuck quick Its a book. Not just something he made up. There is a time and place for saying fuck it. Also, I dont think anyone has promoted going around tossing the f word here and there. Youre just supposed to say fuck it to yourself. Fuck it has that slap in the face effect. So much so that it snaps you out of the current moment. Instantaneous letting-go.

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Richard Pryor Live On The Sunset Strip. “Oh. Wow!” People are the same. The people in Africa fuck over your luggage… just like the people in New York. You know what’s funny? To walk down the street… and see white people looking tor each other. I mean. You could sooner get free food in a Chinese restaurant. But these

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Because people in Africa screw over your luggage just like people in New York.” Even though Pryor would use the continent for routines, the visit deeply affected him. “To fully appreciate the power of Richard Pryor as a stand-up comedian,” said David Letterman, “you had to follow him at the Comedy Store. I did once, and I’m lucky