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The Sun Days – “Don’t Need To Be Them” (Stereogum Premiere)

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And walk around in torn pantyhose, oh yeah I like the ones who say they listen to the punk rock I like the the kids who fight against how they were brought up They hate the trends and think its fucked to care Its cool when they piss people off with what they wear, oh yeah So give me one good reason Why we need to be like them Kids will have

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Love Song For The Apocalypse by Ceschi, released 06 May 2013 I will never make a dance song But you could dance to anything Even the silence that my words bring Drop it like the apocalypse is burning our city down Because the apocalypse is happening right now we dont need no fucking candles this is a vigil for everyone and the candles are these fiery towers surrounding us get low in this hell

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We hope you like them. If you would like to purchase the actual CDs containing these wonderful songs, most can be ordered from Resistance Records . If you have a favorite song in this collection, you can go directly to it by clicking its link

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Awesome song!!! I got the see them live in Houston I think the Stooges where the first band to play music that we would recognise as punk now in the late 60s. Best Punk Rock Bands Best Pop-Punk Bands atlftskea09 Best Male Vocalist In Punk Rock Bands Best Pop-Punk Songs atlftskea09 Greatest Punk Songs of All Time Top 10 Modern Punk

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Top 10 Songs To Listen To When Youre Angry Looking to let out some steam with some angry, but awesome music, look no further. you need a sympathetic song to your mood to help that anger flow and get it all out. These 10 songs are guaranteed to do just that. Theyll help your blood reach its boiling point. When you dont give a fuck

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We Don’t Need Them Catastrophic man-made disasters caused by industry Species wiped extinct trampled under the boot of humanity Colossal towers dominate the landscape that once was green

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Seven raging new tunes including the epic fourteen and a half minute track“We Don’t Need Them”, a song that will one day be ranked among similar greats as the SUBHUMANS “From the Cradle to the Grave” and AUS ROTTEN “And Now Back to Our Programming”.

i know a line from this song, but i dont know the title punk song fuck them we dont need them

General CommentTHIS IS NOT A NO NAME PUNK BAND.this is the descendents, guys that bridged Black Flags social relevance with simpler topic such as girls and fishing so that we were lucky enough to have bands like NOFX Rock heirarchy Ramones>>Black FLAG>>Descendents>>NOFX and NOFX led to countless shitty pop bands but you cant hold that against them.

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Lyrics to The What by Notorious B.I.G.: One: Notorious, Meth I used to get feels on a bitch Now I throw shields on the dick To stop me from that HIV shit