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Im a teenager and my dad (whos my best friend) touches
Hi i want sex but im only 13 what can i do. hi i want sex but im only 13 what can i do. sex. answer #2. Me and my boyfriend want to have sex im 14 he is 16 im a vir Im married and had sex with my best friend who is engaged. I let my wife enjoy sex with bigger size men because I love her. I dont wa

I wanna have sex with my boyfriend and Im 13, should I
Im a teenager and my dad (whos my best friend) touches me; he knows its wrong and has told me so, but continues anyway Hey guys, sorry if this is a bit rough this is my first post ever actually. So my dad and me have always been really close.

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Im a 13 year old boy and I want sex really badly, are there any ways other than masturation to relieve this urge. This topic is answered by a medical expert.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when youre under 13? im not under 13 . and im not new to this site. of course im starting those stupid thoughts again. i kept thinking that i got over this stupid suicidal bullshit . but i guess not. if it keeps coming back to haunt me to make me keep trying .. im obviously not over. but i think

What is the best way to commit suicide when youre under 13?
im 13 and my boyfriend is 15 and im really want to have sex with him.. Question Posted Friday March 29 2013, 2:14 pm i realy lovemy boyfriend and he loves me more than i do.i really want to let him take my virginity becase hes the one i love.he never ask me for sex.but i really want to do it with him.hes gonna use a condom and he always tell me that he wants me to be his baby mother and his