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When I was in high school I had two male friends proposition me, to a degree. They were both pretty good friends and I felt comfortable with them and we shared many private things. I wasnt attracted to either of them, however. The first was in a

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When you have guessed that your friend may have the same feeling for you, or when you just want to get a direct answer, you should just confess your feelings and wait for the result. Here are some ways you can use to move the final move and solve the question of how to tell a friend you love them:

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I have been following this question since a long, long, long time, and I really wanted to answer it, even though a womans perspective is almost useless here, but even then I would love to answer based on my observations : * Guys like sex much mor

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They even tell each other, “Love you.” My husband asked whether I want him to cut his friend out of our lives. many of them made comments like, “You could have gotten X number of

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So, you have a crush on your best friend. Crushes feel like a variety of things, and it can sometimes be helpful to think about how you feel about your crush, and perhaps why you have your crush on your friend, to figure out what you want to do next; if you want to …

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This is something very new for both of you and if you really want to preserve what you’ve already spent significant time and energy creating, you’ll take care not to rush the process of developing it further. Equipped with these guidelines on how to tell a friend you like her, you should be able to muster up the courage to go for it.